Development of Reading and Writing Skills in English
English for Business

- To critically read academic texts and synthesize information into a coherent position, using a recommended citation index, if necessary.


English for Business

- A study and practice in the use of English for business communication with an emphasis on reading texts from various kinds of business, on vocabulary and expression usage in a business context, on writing business letters, memos and on listening and speaking in various situations of business.


English for Academic Purpose

- Build on students academic English language skills by engaging them in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar learning activities that are relevant to real-world encounters in university and professional workplace environments.


Computers in Daily Life

- Prepare students for work in the industry, as well as train them with the required specialized knowledge associated for the use of computers in today’s era of digitalization.


Global Citizenship in 21st Century 

- Promote, through education and dialogue, global citizenship, multi-culturalism, and mutual understanding and harmony among the people of all races, cultures, religions, and alternative belief systems.


Cross Cultural Management

- Study the concept of cross-cultural management, comparative management in any country around the world particularly key player’s countries, culture, and communication in an international business management context, international negotiation, managing diversity at the workplace, and different human capital management.


Thai Society and Culture

- The basics and more knowledge of Thai society and culture that is situational awareness of society and culture in different settings.  The adaptability to where they live and study and understand Thai society and culture


Management Information System

- Work in the industry, as well as the required specialized knowledge associated in the context of information system and management; types of information system and management; decision making of administrators and information system management nature, trend and importance of information system for growth and advantage of organizations in today’s era of digitalization.


Knowledge Management

- Work in the industry, as well as train them with the required specialized knowledge associated in the context of Knowledge management; definition and importance; knowledge management processes tools for knowledge management; knowledge management models and application of knowledge management in various contexts of business environment of today’s era of digitalization.


English for Communication

- Development of students’ ability to communicate in English with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills for different purpose and practice in group discussion and presentation as well as the development of a reading skill by using various reading techniques such as reading for headings, reading for main ideas and detail, reading for summarizing and  writing reports.



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