The Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Entrepreneurship (International Program) (IBBA_GE) is designed to create innovative and successful business leaders and entrepreneurs of future to operate in a complex business environment optimizing business gains from the potential opportunities. At FAM-KMITL, we know business and understand pedagogy and getting a degree in Global Entrepreneurship will enable the students to take business and management to the next level covering contemporary business models and practices, particularly the specialization courses offer an interdisciplinary perspective on entrepreneurship which the student can only find here.
     This degree is best suited for students who want to start their own business or bring entrepreneurial thinking to an established business organization. The Global Entrepreneurship program encompasses the comprehensive education with special focus on entrepreneurship and digital business and its wider role on the society and digital economy.
     The students will learn essential professional business skills with major emphasis on the use of creative and critical thinking along with the use of pedagogical teaching methodologies to ensure the students have necessary skills to become innovative and successful future business leaders of tomorrow.
     However, the IBBA_GE strongly requires prospect students to have a good command of English in order to pursue our international program successfully. Thus, the Department of International Business, FAM, KMITL, has organized the project for Business English for Global Entrepreneurs. This project will help improve and equip participants with English skill for business studies as well as cognitive and practical abilities for the successful business studies.


1 To develop participants’ English skills for Business Studies
2 To help participants understand the importance of Business English in order to study Business Administration effectively
3 To teach participants with the methods and techniques for studying Business Administration in English
4 To make the subjects in the project transferable to programs under Faculty of Administration’s management, KMITL

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